About the Ministry

In this realization, H.E Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, the prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, has made the Constitution portfolio a stand-alone Ministry, which was a department in the Justice Ministry previously. Hon. Hussein Mohamud Sheikh-Hussein (Patni), a veteran Somali politician, was appointed to lead the ministry of Constitutional Affairs as the Minister.

The ole of the ministry, among others, is to provide the overall organizational facilitation of the smooth execution of the tasks throughout the period of the review and implementation process of the constitution and strengthen the coordination of all institutions that are involved in the constitution review process in Somalia.


Our mandate is to promote and facilitate political and public consultations including tasks of the federal government, the interim regional authorities and other regional administrations that come under the federal government as well as the political, social and cultural organizations and the Somali society in order to devise an open, transparent and inclusive atmosphere of the constitutional review process in collaboration with the Parliamentary Oversight Committee and the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission.


Our vision is a constitution that reconciles and unites Somali people in a common cause


Our mission is to deliver a constitutional text document that is supported, reflects and represents Somali people’s views of governance systems, rights and duties in their nation.

Core Values

Our values include:

  • Peace and National Unity
  • Democracy, Good Governance and Rule of Law
  • Human Rights
  • Equal Rights
  • Gender Equity
  • Inclusivity and people’s participation
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