Director General

Mohamed Abukar Zubeyr is the currently Director General at the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs. He is the co-lead of New Deal Compact, Peace and State Building Goal One (PSG 1) on Inclusive Politics (State Formation/Federalism, Constitution & Elections). Mr. Zubeyr has over 7 year experience in the areas of education, trade unions, management, private/public institutional development and research.

He holds bachelor degree in Business Administration and Master Degree in Management. Mr. Zubeyr worked for 5 year as a lecturer, as well as Deputy Director for research and publications, Public Relations Director at SIMAD University.

He was the President of the Federation of Somali trade Unions for one year. He worked for Somalia Bank for Reconstruction and Development (SBRD) as an advisor to the Planning and Research Department Directorate. He became the Director of Planning and Institutional Development at the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. Mr. Zubeyr has attended a number of seminars and conferences and achieved certificates and awards.


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