Somalia is a federal, sovereign, and democratic republic founded on inclusive representation of the people, a multiparty system and social justice.
After Allah the Almighty, all power is vested in the people and can only be exercised in accordance with the Constitution and the law and through the relevant institutions. It is prohibited for a person or a section of the public to claim the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Somalia, or to use it for their personal interest.
The sovereignty and unity of the Federal Republic of Somalia is inviolable

Somali Constitution Process

  1. Civic education by Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and partners on what constitution do, the Somali constitutional principles and the constitution-making process
  2. The Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Parliamentary Oversight Committee and the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission, consults the people of Somalia about what the constitution should say.
  3. The Parliamentary Oversight Committee assigns and the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission writes a draft amendments to the Provisional Constitution taking into account the views of the people. The Parliamentary Oversight Committee with the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs then present the draft amendments to the National Federal Parliament
  4. The National Federal Parliament debates and adopts the proposed amendments to the Provisional Constitution
  5. The adopted constitutional text is presented to Somali people for referendum

How to make a submission on the Constitution

  1. Go to constitution meetings taking place in your area and say what you think. The mandated constitutional bodies are travelling around Somalia
  2. Email the Ministry (, the Oversight Committee and the Commission.

What submissions can be about:

The Constitution will govern your life. The mandated institutions need to know what you think that Constitution should say about anything including the people of Somalia, your community, the problems that face the government, what can be done to promote peace and unity, human rights, elections, participation of people in governance, etc.


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